The Emergence Series

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The Emergence Flow

*Please Register by April 17th*

Meet the Facilitators

Sophia Khotil (she/her)

Atma Prema Holistic Massage
Intuitive Energy Healer, Holistic Massage Therapist
LMBT #11428, RMT

Sophia is an intuitive energy healer and holistic Massage Therapist based in Holly Springs. She integrates Eastern and Western bodywork during her sessions in her private studio. She also imbues sound healing in her work and leads sound baths when she is not massaging and teaches Reiki Levels 1 and 2 using six Reiki traditions.

Allyson Wallbridge (she/her)

Oracle Card Reader, Multi-Dimensional Intuitive Channel & Energy Healer

Allyson is a trained oracle card reader, multi-dimensional intuitive channel, and energy healer. After being highly intuitive her entire life, and with a little help from a moment of pure divine intervention, she got to the work of quieting her mind and learning how to activate and channel her intuitive and energetic gifts to help others. She is a graduate of the Intuitive Intensive, the Energetic Intensive, and the Channeling Intensive - all of The Lightworkers Lab, and is a Certified Intuitive Reader and Healer. Through co-creating The Emergence Series, her goal is to help inspire, enliven, and re-energize your soul connection, bring guidance to your present and future realities, and to help you align and connect with the authentic expression of your highest self.

Brianne Staggs (she/they)

Mandala Breathwork
Breathwork Facilitator, Holistic Wellness Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Classically Trained Chef

Brianne is a dedicated spiritual practitioner, specializing in NeuroDynamic Breathwork™, holistic wellness coaching, and Reiki. With profound insights and extensive personal experience in non-ordinary states of consciousness, she gently guides individuals to rewire neural pathways and transcend limiting beliefs. By creating a sacred space and drawing from her transformative journey, Brianne empowers others to embrace their divine purpose and unlock their full potential. Her approach is guided by joy, passion, and playful spirit.