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The process of self-exploration and therapy that occurs during a Neurodynamic™ Breathwork session is spontaneous and autonomous, powered organically by the inner healer inside of all of us, and without the limitations of modern day psychology.

Who I am

I'm Brianne and I am a recovering self-sabotager, fear-based decision maker, and trauma-induced storyteller. For the majority of my life I felt stuck--trapped in cycles of behavior and subconscious patterns and beliefs about myself (and others) that kept me from living a life that I was truly excited about. My baseline emotional states came in 4 flavors--fear, depression, stress, & anxiety. Comprised mostly of various forms of short-term dopamine hits, my hobbies included binging (alcohol, junk food, TV, sex, shopping, exercise), people-pleasing, traveling, seeking external validation, and anything else that could make me feel some type of pleasure, even if just for a few fleeting moments.

Eventually, the emotional rollercoasters, physical pain, unfulfilling relationships, and working solely for a paycheck and that annual 2-week holiday became unbearable. Suddenly, Bill Murray's mental break in Groundhog Day made complete and total sense. I can vividly recall this deep feeling that there had to be more to existence than what I was experiencing. This persistent feeling was the catalyst that eventually guided me into a complete "reboot" of my system and ultimately helped me find addition to authentic connections, joy, and a reason to get out of bed. As it turns out, this "feeling" was actually my internal guide, higher consciousness, or it whatever feels right for you, but unless you are living your dream life, I highly suggest you call it.

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What I do

A little therapeutic breathwork + a lot of space holding, coaching, cheerleading, and active listening. The holistic wellness approach addresses all aspects of the human experience as a whole- physical body, mind, emotions, social, and spiritual. I help guide people to increase self awareness so they can recognize how each of these areas directly impacts their overall level of satisfaction and general wellbeing.

Our core beliefs about ourselves, coping mechanisms, thoughts, behaviors, and self-love were developed at a very young age and run in the background on a subconscious level, which is why it feels so challenging to create new habits. Because we’ve been operating for so long using these old outdated systems, they feel deeply ingrained in our entire existence and it is extremely difficult to change behaviors without changing beliefs. Breathwork is an incredible tool to access the subconscious mind through expanded states of consciousness, offering opportunities for deep transformation and huge life shifts.

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